Fast Mode Championship:
New Strategies & Exciting Promotions!

Fast Mode Championship:
New Strategies & Exciting Promotions!

May 30, 2023

Hello Commanders!

The countdown has begun. Next Friday, we dive into a swift and exhilarating battle where everyone starts on equal footing, and only strategy and teamwork can secure victory. We’re excited to announce that Reta Wars: Fast Mode Championship kicks off on June 9th!

This Championship, a grand Fast Mode event, unfolds every four weeks over a duration of four hours. While participation requires an entrance fee, the rewards on offer from this mode’s leaderboard are incredibly enticing! If you’re not yet familiar with how to kickstart this exciting monthly event, fear not. You can visit this page for an insightful guide on understanding the Championship and learning how to engage with it.

This upcoming Championship pushes the envelope further, demanding from you an innovative level of strategy. Remember the adjustments to the building table balance and the introduction of the Elixirs? These recent elements introduced in the Reta Wars Classic have been applied to this Championship, ensuring that your approach to the game becomes more intriguing.

▲ Elixir's powerful effect will make a big difference in the Championship's strategy!

And there’s more! This Championship introduces two new promotions replacing the old party tournament. These additions promise to be an explosive ingredient to amp up the fun and excitement of your gaming experience. Prepare yourselves for an unmatched journey in Reta Wars. The championship beckons!

Promotion #1:

The Team Squad

The Team Squad

Form a Squad

This exciting promotion allows you to team up in squads of four, coordinating your strategies under the same team ticker for ultimate supremacy in the Championship. There’s strength in numbers! Assemble your team of four and join the Championship by adopting the same team ticker. By joining forces and strategizing as a team, you can maximize your squad’s collective potential.

Scoring and Ranking

At the end of the Championship, we’ll tally up the scores of each team member. This means your score displayed on the integrated leaderboard when the game ends! The combined score will determine your team’s final ranking. The higher you climb, the greater the rewards!


No separate registration is required for this event. To join, simply start a championship, use a nickname with the same [team ticker] as your squad, and dive into the game.

Reward Distribution

This Championship brings a refreshing twist to rewards. Rather than concentrating rewards on one representative, we will distribute the rewards according to the final team ranking directly to each player’s wallet. This means only 4 contributor to the team’s success is rewarded!


1st place team: 8,000 GRT + 30 Promotion Scroll + 200 Junior Dolls

2nd place team: 4,000 GRT + 20 Promotion Scroll + 100 Junior Dolls

3rd place team: 2,000 GRT + 10 Promotion Scroll + 100 Junior Dolls

(will be given to the team members individually)

Please note:

  • If more than four players use the same [Team Ticker], only the scores of the top four players will count towards the team’s final score. Therefore, only the four players with the highest score per ticker can continue the ranking battle on this battlefield. All rewards will be air-dropped to the winners’ wallets within five days of the end of the championship.
  • Your team doesn’t necessarily have to choose the same faction. What matters is the strategic decision of your team members.
  • If there are two teams with the same score, compare each team’s top scorers to determine the winner.

Promotion #2:

Double Origin

Double Origin

The battle for the throne of the Championship is fierce, and spots for victors are always limited. Yet, sometimes we find opportunities of luck even when we don’t end up winning the competition.

Here’s an extra stroke of fortune for those players who couldn’t make it to the throne. At the end of the Championship, scrutinize your final standing!

Get to a special ranking!

If you find yourself ranked at 11th, 33rd, 55th, 77th, or 99th, you’re in for a treat. You will receive an additional 100 Junior Dolls. Remember, you can always strategically target these positions with a bit of effort and planning. Best of luck, commanders!

It starts on June 9th!

We can’t wait to see how these two promotions will make this Championship even more exciting. We hope you join in and enjoy this thrilling adventure. As we embark on this journey, remember that unity, strategic prowess, and a dash of luck are all it takes to win the championship!

Once again, mark your calendars: The Reta Wars: Fast Mode Championship kicks off on June 9th at 10:00 UTC. Join the rush, form your teams, and make your way to the leaderboard. The battlefield awaits you, commanders. Are you ready to take the challenge?