A great challenge for growth!

A great challenge for growth!

April 21, 2023

Greetings, Commanders!
As promised in our previous announcement, you’ll be experiencing exciting updates starting today at 12:00 UTC. This includes the introduction of Elixirs, the GRT Store, enhanced rewards for Hero break up, and finally, Hero minting using RETA!

And we’re excited to announce a series of promotions to celebrate Elixir Update! From today, BIG 3 simultaneous events will take place to further enhance your Reta Wars experience. Get ready to dive into these thrilling events, and let’s explore what’s in store for you!

Event 1:
Elixir Addict Prize

⏰ April 21st β†’ May 5th at 10:00 UTC ⏰

πŸ—οΈ Get back the Elixirs you’ve consumed!

Introducing our first event, the Elixir Addict! Over the course of two weeks, we’ll be rewarding the top 10 commanders who drink the most Elixirs. Keep an eye on our Discord for mid-event updates on the current rankings, and prepare to strategize your way to the top. The champion of this promotion will receive an incredible 40% of the Elixirs him/herself consumed back! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get even more value from your Elixir drinking.

  • πŸ† Reward
    1st Place: Elixir Addict – 40% of Elixirs consumed returned
    2nd Place: Elixir Master – 20% of Elixirs consumed returned
    3rd-5th Place: Elixir Expert – 10% of Elixirs consumed returned
    6th-10th Place: Elixir Drinker – 5% of Elixirs consumed returned

  • πŸ“£ Winner Announcements:
    Intermediate rankings will be announced on Discord on April 28th and May 3rd
    Final winners will be announced once the promotion ends
  • 🎁 Reward Distribution:
    Airdrop to the winners’ wallets by May 12th

Event 2:
Tasting Elixir Promo

⏰ Apr 21st β†’ May 12th at 10:00 UTC ⏰

πŸ—οΈ AirDrop for everyone who reaches Level 6!

The second event is open to all commanders out there! If you manage to achieve Level 6 within the 3 weeks and share a commemorative screenshot with the community, you’ll receive an airdrop of 3 Elixirs as a reward. Participating is a breeze!

  • πŸ“ How to
    All you have to do is capture a screenshot of your NFT successfully upgrading to Level 6. Then, tweet the captured image, and submit the Twitter link through the Zealy Quest. Upon successful submission, you’ll be eligible to receive your Elixir airdrop.

    – When tweeting a Lv6 success screen, please include a mandatory hashtag:
    #GameFi #retawars #LevelUPNFT

    – Once you’ve tweeted, click this link to complete the Quest. Make sure the wallet address you registered on Zealy matches your actual record.

    – everyone who accomplishes this will receive the blessing of the Elixir airdrop. So, gear up and take on the challenge!

  • ⚠️ Essential notice:
    – It doesn’t matter what level you were at before reaching Level 6, or what rarity your NFT was. Even whether your NFT is a Hero or a Junior makes no difference. The only thing that counts is successfully achieving Level 6.

    – Of course, we’ll verify your Level 6 achievement before including you in the airdrop list. It’s crucial that the wallet address you registered with Zealy matches the one associated with your Level 6 record when you submit your application. Don’t forget this essential detail!

  • 🎁 Reward Distribution:
    After reviewing and verifying all submissions, we will airdrop 3 Elixirs to every commander who successfully completed the quest on May 16th.

Event 3:
Worship the Soul

⏰ Apr 21st β†’ May 12th at 10:00 UTC ⏰

πŸ—οΈ Incredible rewards for those who reach Level 8!

The third event is also a guaranteed reward for everyone, but it requires a brave challenge. All commanders who manage to reach NFT Level 8 before the event ends will receive 9 Souls based on the rarity of the NFT they leveled up. The most important aspect of this event is that you can receive Souls for achieving Level 8 once per rarity. In other words, if someone successfully reaches Level 8 with both Common and Uncommon NFT during the event period, they will receive 9 Common Souls and 9 Uncommon Souls, respectively. So, embrace the challenge and reap the rewards!

  • ⚠️ Essential notice:
    There is one limitation to this event. It only applies to NFTs that are below Level 6 as of today, when the event starts. In other words, NFTs that are already at Level 6 or higher will not be counted for this promotion. So, this is the perfect opportunity for commanders to level up their lower-level NFTs and earn some extra Souls in the process!

  • πŸ† Reward
    – Common NFT reaching Level 8: Common Souls *9
    – Uncommon NFT reaching Level 8: Uncommon Souls *9
    – Rare NFT reaching Level 8: Rare Souls *9
    – Epic NFT reaching Level 8: Epic Souls *9
    (β€» You can receive the Soul rewards once for each rarity!)

  • 🎁 Reward Distribution:
    All NFTs reaching Level 8 during the event will be automatically counted. However, this only applies to NFTs with levels 1-5 at the start of the event. After the event ends on May 12th, Souls will be automatically airdropped to eligible commanders on May 15th.

The growth storm never end!

That wraps up our exciting lineup of three events in celebration of the growth update! NFT level-ups are a crucial way to achieve significant growth and unlock greater rewards. This leveling-up promotion presents a rare and valuable opportunity for you to get ahead and expand your progress compared to others. We encourage all Commanders to take part in these amazing opportunities to earn rewards and enhance their gameplay experience. Keep an eye on our social media channels and Discord for updates on rankings and event progress. Good luck, and may the best Commanders prevail!