Giveaway Winners

October 7, 2022

Hello, Commander!

It’s time to ring the bells to congratulate all lucky commanders and Ecosystem Contributors! We appreciate the community response to the giveaway promotions in TGS2022. The hotter-than-expected heat was enough to surprise all the core teams. And now we will decide the winner according to the leaderboard and announce the results of Raffle. Congratulations to all commanders whose names are on this list!

Reward plan

As the Commander may have known, this promotion offers a variety of rewards. Each reward has a different payment timing depending on its characteristics. If your name is on this leaderboard, please check it carefully.


RETA is the most powerful reward we can pay. If you know our tokenomics, you know the growth value of RETA. This reward will be given to 40 people who have their names engraved on the leaderboard. And it will be deposited into the winners’ wallets on October 12.

Limited edition profile

This is an additional reward that the winner of the leaderboard can receive. This is a profile image produced to commemorate Reta Wars’ partnership with YGG JP and participation in Tokyo game show 2022. These profile images will have a special effect on gamers in the future, and the same profile will not be reissued.