Fast Mode Round 2:
Winners of the party tournament

Fast Mode Round2:
Winners of the party tournament

Jan 29, 2023

Hello, Commander!

The fierce 2nd round Fast Mode has ended last Thursday. The 4 hour fast mode was shorter than the previous round, but the commander’s competition would have been even fiercer. it means that being in the top 100 of leaderboard has become more difficult than before.

And now, it’s time to remember the winners after this fierce competition. Announces the winning team in the Party Tournament↗️ competition. From now on, we will introduce the stars of the honor!

1st place: NGG

[NGG] won the honorable first place in the party tournament! They had as many as 46 commanders in the Top 100 and made their names known in leaderboard. We will praise their glorious record. They will receive 5,000 RETA and 4,600 junior dolls as rewards for the victory! (100 dolls for each member on the leaderboard)

2nd place: FAT

The party that came in second is [FAT]! They had a total of 10 commanders in the Top 100 leaderboard. They will receive a total of 3,000 RETA as compensation for the second-place party. In particular, the 1st-place commander in the Fast Mode belongs to the [FAT]. Meet the glorious stars of the [FAT]!

3rd place: KSW

The last party that came in 3rd is [KSW]. They also have a total of 10 commanders in the Top 100! Please congratulate [KSW] commanders for fighting and winning numerous battle with outstanding Strategy!

Reward policy

[NGG], [FAT], and [KSW], these team’s leader on the podium will be contacted by the Reta team for a review. finally We will pay a reward RETA to the wallets of the representatives of each team who applied for this promotion. Now the representatives of the team will distribute the bounty in their own way, and we will not be involved in this.

Don’t miss the next round schedule!

We are balancing to make Fast Mode part of the regular game mode. Because one of our goals is to actively review the diverse opinions of the community and trends in the crypto market to make Fast Mode a more interesting F2P.

Until it becomes one of Square’s regular mini-games, Fast Mode OBT will be on an irregular schedule for the time being. So the best option for you is to check our announcement channel and get the latest news before anyone else.

The next round of the upcoming Fast Mode is February 10th!