Airdrop Winner Announcement

March 25, 2022

Hello, Commander!

It’s time to ring the bell to celebrate all lucky commanders and winners of competitions! We appreciate the community’s response to the Airdrop promotion. We scrutinized the responses of the heroes who applied from 84 countries and drew a fair lot. And for those who participated in the airdrop, we will draw all winners and announce the results. To protect the personal information of the commander, we disclose only a part of the winner’s information. Congratulations to the winners!

What will the winners get?

Reta Wars does not directly reward NFT through airdrops but uses a ticket system. Because we wanted to give you the experience of testing your luck by issuing a random NFT yourself. ‘Tickets’ are paid as compensation for promotions or prizes. There are different types of tickets, and according to the rules, they are automatically paid to the commander’s wallet address.

※ When a commander with a ticket logs in to the 2nd pre-sale page, commanders can check the type and quantity of tickets they have. All tickets are automatically deducted from each NFT Hero purchase.

Whitelist tickets (*80)

Whitelist tickets will be issued to commanders listed below. The whitelist ticket is a sale-only ticket that allows you to purchase NFTs in the 2nd pre-sale. Since 4 tickets are awarded per wallet address, commanders can purchase up to 4 NFTs for 150BUSD. This ticket will expire when the whitelist sale ends.

NFT Airdrop tickets (Top 1 ~ 10)

From 1st to 10th, this is a free minting ticket given to Commanders who achieve the highest rank in the Giveaway Airdrop. They can use this ticket to purchase a 2nd NFT Hero for free. (However, a gas fee will be incurred.)

Rank Award Name Entries Location BSC Address (last 7 digits)
1 2 NFT+WL Kar***ids 6541 Vietnam ab54272
2 1 NFT+WL Ngo***inh 3570 Vietnam 059E667
3 1 NFT+WL Bum***Kim 1185 USA d2A6817
4 1 NFT+WL Air***rop 806 Korea 64d80b8
5 1 NFT+WL LU***AN 441 Japan 2e9d5BA
6 1 NFT+WL kim***gki 371 Korea 6f0eB60
7 1 NFT+WL Mar***usa 351 Brazil 154Ad6F
8 1 NFT+WL Raf***osa 331 Brazil E519161
9 1 NFT+WL Mar***n B 231 Portugal D3f2988
10 1 NFT+WL Coi***non 221 Japan 2d7e30d
11 WL jon***ark 181 Korea a3371E9
12 WL 이*상 151 Korea F2EdD08
13 WL Thu***Son 150 Vietnam 2FC97F1
14 WL hyu***hin 131 Korea 5d1dBc8
15 WL Lee***won 111 Korea 82CDA35
16 WL Hir***ima 101 Japan bA7E252
17 WL Jin***Lee 101 Korea C9e7797
18 WL Don***Seo 91 Korea df5C59A
19 WL Dou***ios 81 Brazil f9001f5
20 WL Koh***uki 81 Japan 9661Cd3
21 WL Joa***lho 71 Brazil 75AAd95
22 WL 배*수 71 Korea 32cfc66
23 WL Sim***647 71 Korea 81fdF0b
24 WL Kaz***awa 61 Japan 5832D80
25 WL Cai***eli 61 Brazil De8063D
26 WL You***Kim 61 Korea 594D1f1
27 WL Hee***ack 61 Korea e3D914C
28 WL Ala***zio 61 Uruguay cA9C044
29 WL YAN***LIM 61 Korea fb2D707
30 WL Ken***Lim 60 New Zealand dd2E9F9
31 WL Won***ang 51 Korea 16187De
32 WL Cho***oon 51 Korea 499C66A
33 WL Don***Kim 51 Korea 10cf2CD
34 WL Kaz***shi 51 Japan 2022fEe
35 WL 카카9***1 K 51 Korea c003ffF
36 WL Lea***tos 51 Brazil B2a0976
37 WL Inj***gyu 51 Korea 52E9B10
38 WL Sun***Kim 51 Korea 4C2d6D5
39 WL まだら*** BK 51 Japan A9108f3
40 WL Lee***pyo 51 Korea 8f8D1f4
lottery 1 WL jeo***kim Korea 56eEA66
lottery 2 WL Jun***ida Japan Fe5aC0b
lottery 3 WL Ap* Japan 7ceEa1d
lottery 4 WL Sei***oto Japan a706DA6
lottery 5 WL Lee***ung Korea EDCc44a
lottery 6 WL とむ**さん Japan 309Fa10
lottery 7 WL nam***kim Korea bb5265e
lottery 8 WL Ne***th Croatia DafbAA3
lottery 9 WL Ban***ria Korea 2404754
lottery 10 WL Tua***Van Vietnam 308822C
lottery 11 WL Fel***ani Brazil F76ddC8
lottery 12 WL Jir***non Thailand 5B72e69
lottery 13 WL And***ina Brazil d7DcDf9
lottery 14 WL Raf***raj Brazil FcC15Cb
lottery 15 WL Yu ***soo Korea 1A7354f
lottery 16 WL Cac***Zip Korea A8d84fA
lottery 17 WL Jun***ori Japan 64117D0
lottery 18 WL Md***ato Japan 29CD7E6
lottery 19 WL Edm***ano UAE 7f9c8cE
lottery 20 WL Lee***hju Korea 1923295
lottery 21 WL ter***nft Japan b869059
lottery 22 WL Sij***jun Korea F55b8b9
lottery 23 WL Pau***ang Brazil FBd9aa3
lottery 24 WL lee*** ki Korea 805bE92
lottery 25 WL Ju*z Philippines BD60809
lottery 26 WL KEN***SHI Japan c691C21
lottery 27 WL Hye***Kim USA A1A6855
lottery 28 WL Ste***ero UAE a3112C8
lottery 29 WL Sho***ase Japan 12B3a88
lottery 30 WL chr***ark USA A8986Bf
lottery 31 WL Adi***rta Indonesia b9f24Af
lottery 32 WL Nat***n R USA 1361D80
lottery 33 WL Kas***awa Japan 47A14FC
lottery 34 WL Tak***shi Japan 35EBc17
lottery 35 WL kub***nto Japan 2AB7Ba5
lottery 36 WL LAR***CUS Philippines D401c19
lottery 37 WL AOI***SHI Japan 9E19b63
lottery 38 WL Huy***yen Philippines 371Eb6f
lottery 39 WL Arn***yen Philippines 5E30727
lottery 40 WL eli***lee Singapore 48e7431

Again, congratulations to all lucky commanders and winners of competitions!  ?

When can I use my ticket?

From March 28th 12:00 PM UTC, the first schedule of the 2nd pre-sale: the whitelist sale will start. When commanders with tickets log in to the pre-sale page, they can check the type and quantity of tickets they have. All tickets are automatically deducted from each NFT Hero purchase.

About Reta wars

The ‘Reta Wars’ is a simulation game that adds strategic elements to DeFi. In particular, it aims for a full-fledged Game-Fi that includes all game elements such as role-play, growth, competition, and chance. It does not require busy and fast hand movements like an action game, but it requires thought and wise decisions to effectively control the heroes. The player can establish a long-term strategy, place heroes in the right place, and get rewards based on their performance as a profit.