Whitelist Beta schedule announced!

May 23, 2022

Hello, Commander!

We are ready to respond to your waiting with exciting news. It’s about our whitelisted beta test and some exciting news ahead of the game’s launch. Being able to understand and study the game system before anyone else is a great privilege. Don’t miss this opportunity! Be sure to check out today’s announcement and check your schedule!

Whitelist Beta is coming!

We are happy to announce that the whitelisted beta schedule for Reta Wars 1.0 has finally been confirmed. It starts next Monday, May 30th. And this will continue until June 13, two weeks later.

The main goal of this beta test is to balance the game. As many commanders already know, the ecosystem design of crypto games is directly related to the life of the game. And so far, many projects have failed to sustain this. So, the Reta Team analyzed numerous cases and did a lot of research to ensure that this ecosystem could be sustainable for commanders. And, through this beta test, it will be checked by the commanders.

The beta test will be conducted by copying Hero NFTs owned by whitelisted commanders to the testnet. Therefore, this beta test does not support features such as resource sales and hero trading. Instead, we plan to help you run your game testing in other ways. Since the test’s purpose is to balance the reward structure and system, we will focus on it to make the best P2E game.

  • Commanders whitelisted in the last announcement will always be considered as a priority in this test. However, it was decided to distribute a small number of additional test tickets for commanders who have not yet had the opportunity to become a tester.
  • We will guide you in more detail right before the beta test starts. It’s about how to testnet access, test rules, and rewards. If you are a tester, be sure to check out our news on Discord. This is very important for your potential benefit.

Behind Story of the Heroes

Commander, have you ever wondered why the farmer Angelica’s sickle is so huge? Have you ever felt that Tyrion and Olivia looked like? If you’ve ever wondered what the story of the eight heroes you’ll meet in Reta Wars is, here’s a good answer. This week, the story of the eight heroes of the Reta Wars will be revealed. Along with interesting BGM, you can find out the story behind the hero.

Powerful heroes began to appear!

As the Commander knows, Epic and Legendary Heroes with high rarity have yet to be revealed. And we, now slowly, are ready to reveal their faces. They are very special and will stand out.

Although the cryptocurrency market is still bearish, our project is solid and well-prepared. Retaverse will be one of the all-new Play-to-Earn ecosystems that no one expected, and you, one of the first to hear from us, will be a witness to it. There is still a lot of exciting news that we haven’t informed our commanders. Always keep an eye out for our official channels!