Welcome 2023!

Welcome 2023!

December 19, 2022

Hello, Commander!

It’s already been a year since the Reta Wars project was unveiled and we’re already preparing for a new year in 2023. We were able to overcome all the odds for a long time because we had commanders who loved and cared for Reta Wars. We are very happy to be with the commanders for a long time.

So, we prepared a small festival as a way to enjoy with the commanders for Christmas and the New Year. This is a fan art contest. We are looking forward to having fun producing fan art and getting a lot of rewards from all the commanders who enjoy Reta Wars.

Fan Art Contest

Show off your creative abilities by creating artwork related to Reta Wars (fan art, meme, cosplay)! It’s an opportunity to show off your artistic talent and get amazing rewards. Join the contest to show your love for Reta Wars and your amazing talent to the world.

  • Thema: Christmas or 2023 New Year’s image related to Reta Wars (For example, Santa Claus, Traditional clothes, black rabbits etc)

  • Timeline: December 19, 2022 12:00 UTC to January 11, 2023 12:00 UTC (announced: January 17, 2023)

  • Category: Fan Art, Meme, Costume play

  • Reward

Winner Reward
Reta Award 1 Person 10 tickets for NFT heroes
Gaia Award 1 Person 3 tickets for NFT heroes
Nate Award 1 Person 3 tickets for NFT heroes
Gold Rose Award 2 people 2 tickets for NFT heroes
Cute Minion Award 5 people 1 NFT Hero Ticket
  • Evaluation Criteria
    ① Community reaction
    ② Number of responses to works in Discord Channel
    *This aggregates only RETA emoticon responses.

    ③ Internal assessment within the Reta Wars team

How do I participate in the contest?

① Feel free to produce images related to Reta Wars.
② Follow the official Reta Wars Twitter and official Japanese Twitter and upload your fanart with the hashtag (#retawars, #gamefi) to your Twitter account. (Reta Wars official Twitter / Reta Wars official Japanese Twitter)
③ Finally, please send your work, your Twitter address, to the event tab(Fanart-Contest) of the Reta Wars official discode channel. (Reta Wars official Discord)

You have something to be careful about when participating in the contest.

① The commander must follow one of the Reta Wars official Twitter accounts (@Retawars, @RetawarsJP) to qualify for the event.
② When you receive the award, we will contact you through Discord. You should stay in the Discord channel to check the results of the contest. At this time, please enter your meta-mask address correctly.
③ The image of the commander who participated in this contest can be used for Reta Wars advertising and marketing.
④ All images sent after the published period will not participate in the contest.
⑤ If the commander’s image includes elements related to hate, politics, religion, violence, etc., he may be excluded from the ranking.
⑥ All works drawn by AI will be excluded from this contest award.
⑦ If you participate in the event in an inappropriate manner, such as theft, the cancellation of the award and compensation collection may proceed.

We look forward to a variety of works made with the creative talents of the commanders. This will be the best opportunity to promote your talent.