Update Roadmap on November:
How’s the weather today?

Update Roadmap on November:
How’s the weather today?

October 27, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Jason received an urgent letter from Scientists while working on an update roadmap to be released in November. It was a recent report on meteorological anomalies observed from the plains of Talos.

These scientists gathered under the flag of intelligence, beyond the confrontation of faction. They observed the sky at an observatory built high up Mt. Mbappe, and at the same time analyzed the causes of these weather events.

So far, Talos has always had peaceful weather under the protection of Retarion, but it was the beginning of this unusual weather when a greedy adventurer was blinded by Goldrose and touched Retarion’s roots recently. So Scientists expressed caution about the unusual weather.

“This climate change is a new environment that no one has ever experienced before. We look at the sky every night and predict the weather of the future. However, it is impossible for anyone to predict the future accurately. Now the weather to come will only be determined by God’s mood. Will this be a new opportunity for us? Or will it be a new disaster?”

To be updated #1

The Weather of Talos

The Weather of Talos

The weather is now applied to the game. The weather changes every day, and it will make new changes to the gameplay of commanders. It will sometimes change your resource production. These changes will be a new opportunity for a smart commander.

Talos meteorologists will observe the sky every day and help the player. They will record temperatures, precipitation, and wind speed every day, and predict future weather. However, it is like a real-world weather forecast. That means this weather forecast is not necessarily a hit. If the cloudy weather continues, it may rain tomorrow. Of course, it may not rain. But if you are a well-prepared person, you will prepare umbrellas and more food in their Storage.

The change in the weather will have consequences that we never expected. Long rains will increase the risk of flooding, and it will hurt the food economy of Marketplace. Sometimes new mines can be found in cracks in the ground that have been cracked in the aftermath of the earthquake.

These weather changes are affected by the season. Of course, that means there will be no snow in the summer. The season changes once a week following the ranking leaderboard. When the new weekly leaderboard begins, the commander must review this week’s season and weather forecasts and make a resource management plan.

To be updated #2

Improved gaming convenience

Improved gaming

Here are additional updates from Reta team to help commanders have a better gameplay experience. We are always watching the community of Reta Wars. It is always important for us to review the community’s feedback. And meaningful requests are actively reviewed by the core team at any time.

Extended Profile

The usability of your personal profile area will be greatly improved. Wonder how much you’ve contributed to your faction so far? are you wondering how many resources you bought or sold at Marketplace? Commander can now review almost all activity records regarding gameplay in your profile area.

Leaderboard Profile

If you’ve ever wondered about the profile of ranking leaderboard competitors, you can solve it soon. Now, if you select a player on the ranking leaderboard, you can see the information about the leader heroes he/she has placed on the territory. Check your competitor’s hero training status and refine your leaderboard strategy.

Changes are also made for commanders aiming at the podium on the leaderboard. The ranking leaderboard will now show more emphasis on the 1st to 3rd commanders. All leaderboard visitors are now the first to see the names of those in the leaderboard’s top class.

Bookmark a Hero

The functions requested by many commanders will soon be reflected. It’s bookmarking your favorite NFT Hero. Now you don’t have to raise the level of another hero by mistake, or wander in search of a hero you’ve dismissed from the building. NFT heroes with bookmarks set always appear at the top of the ‘MY NFT’ list, and you will be able to manage bookmarks in various ways depending on your purpose.

To be updated #3

Spoils of Reta War

Spoils of Reta War

The heroes who fiercely fought in the war for the victory of the Faction recently found an interesting fragment on the battlefield. And it wasn’t an intact form, it was just a roughly broken fragment. But heroes began to collect fragments preciously. Because the commanders already know how to restore or trade it.

At the end of the daily Reta War, you can now acquire a random ‘fragment’. In general, only players who contributed by supplying resources and troops to the war will qualify for the fragment. Yes, it is. It can only be obtained through Reta War. And when you collect more than a certain number of fragments, the commander will finally be able to restore it. What is the finished product that the commander will get?

Look forward to November’s Reta Wars!

October was a very busy time for the core team. That’s because Reta Wars has just been released. There were a lot of unexpected events, but in the end, we solved everything well. Now we’re going to work more seriously and harder to make the best Game-Fi.

Look forward to it! The content we introduced today will be updated in November. Of course, we are preparing more news besides what we announced today. Many commanders and holders will be proud to be with the monumental Game-Fi project of this era.