Community Feedback is updated on the Game!

October 24, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Before we announce our new roadmap, we have ‘some’ interesting updates today. This update contains the server down for maintenance. As usual, this will start at 10:00 ~ 12:00 UTC today.

Check out today’s updates in advance!

1. Additional productivity buffs for NFT heroes

As the commander already knows, raising the level of NFT is extremely difficult. It is also hard to hire a hero with a high rarity. We believe commanders who strive to have powerful heroes should have the right resource production capacity.

We’ve analyzed large-scale game records from the Open to the present. Listening to community feedback was also important. And, we felt the need for a more granular balance policy. It’s about the ratings and levels of NFT heroes. Now NFT heroes will produce resources that fit their values.

NFT heroes will now receive additional resource productivity ability every time their level up. This increases significantly as the hero’s level increases. If the hero has a high rarity, the level-up productivity will be stronger.

Most importantly, these ‘productivity’ are additional buffs that apply individually to each NFT hero. This means that ‘productivity’ does not work on a staking basis, and always ensures that the hero has independent additional resources.

2. Strengthen visibility on the ranking page

The RETA and contribution scores seen on the ranking leaderboard confused many The contribution score on the leaderboard is now displayed in a different color than the RETA.

3. Join the Strategy Vote!

Did you participate in the important votes determining Reta War’s battle strategy: Deployment, Management, and Leadership? Here’s a special voting bonus you didn’t know yet. If your chosen voting menu has been decided on today’s strategy agenda, you will receive a 0.5% discount on resource trading fees for the next day. The same goes for Battlefield. If your vote is included in the land ranked first or second in the vote, you will also receive a 0.5% fee benefit. So if every strategy vote you participate in is decided on the agenda of the war strategy for the day, the next day you get up to 2% fee benefit.

Look forward to the upcoming November update roadmap!

We are always watching the community. And we know more clearly than anyone else what we need to do. Look forward to the upcoming announcement! Amazing news will make your ears happy this week.