Junior NFTs Take Center Stage
in the Extended Season of Growth!

Junior NFTs Take Center Stage
in the Extended Season of Growth!

May 3, 2023

Dear commanders,
we recognize that our players with Junior NFTs are vital members of the Reta ecosystem, and we are dedicated to ensuring their growth and enjoyment within the game. To demonstrate our commitment, we have meticulously crafted a series of captivating updates and promotions, exclusively tailored to enhance the Junior NFT experience during our ongoing “Season of Growth” campaign

Update #1

Adapted Territory
upgrades for Junior NFTs

Adapted Territory upgrades for Junior NFTs

We have restructured the building upgrade system to better accommodate Junior NFTs in their quest to elevate their territory building levels. By increasing the building level limits and fine-tuning the power requirements for upgrades, Junior NFTs can now independently experience essential building upgrades. To maintain fairness for commanders who have already made progress in upgrading their buildings, existing structures will receive a corresponding level increase, adhering to the new adjustments.

  • The total power and resources required for building upgrades have been comprehensively re-balanced.
  • The upper limit for building upgrades has been expanded, allowing for further growth and development of your territories.

  • All commanders who have previously upgraded their buildings will acquire new building levels in accordance with the updated table following this enhancement.

Update #2

Dynamic Weather Changes

Dynamic Weather Changes

While many commanders may have previously overlooked the significance of weather effects, we’re excited to announce that weather will now play a more meaningful role in your gameplay strategy. The impact of weather effects will be greatly amplified, and newly added weather conditions promise to engage more actively with your gameplay experience!

  • All existing weather effects will be doubled in potency.
  • New weather effects will be introduced, including some that directly influence your resource support times!

Update #3

Easier and More Strategic
Voting for You!

Easier and More Strategic Voting for You

As you prepare for the daily Reta Wars and contribute to determining your faction’s strategy, we’re thrilled to announce that the voting process will be more streamlined than ever before. Yes, it’s now simpler – but that doesn’t mean its importance has diminished! You’ll be able to feel the direct impact of your votes on the war more tangibly, making every vote count and ensuring that your strategic insights play a significant role in shaping the outcome of the battle. Embrace your role as a commander and make your voice heard as you lead your faction to victory in the Reta Wars!

  • The effect for each vote has been reduced from 10% to 5%, providing a more balanced outcome during faction strategy decisions.
  • The voting UI has been improved for a more user-friendly experience, making it easier for players to participate in the decision-making process and enjoy a streamlined interface.

Server Down Schedule

Server Down Time: May 3rd 10:00 to 10:30 UTC (30 min)

This update will take place on May 3rd at 10:00 UTC and will last for 30 min, including server downtime for the update. During this time, you can’t access the Reta Wars square, but you can also visit the fast mode URL directly to enjoy some fantastic free games.

※ 10:25 UTC Updated: Extended downtime by 30 minutes
We regret to inform you that the scheduled server maintenance time will need to be extended by an additional 30 minutes.
Initially planned for 10:00 – 10:30 UTC, the maintenance will now continue until 11:00 UTC.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we work to improve the game experience.

Special Event!

Exclusive Growth Promotion
for Junior NFTs

Exclusive Growth Promotion for Junior NFTs

Beginning May 5th and spanning three weeks, every successful promotion of a Junior NFT will unlock additional airdrop rewards for you to enjoy. For each promotion, players will be granted 30 non-tradable Promotion Scrolls and one Elixir. The best part? These rewards can be accumulated with each Junior NFT promotion, allowing you to amass even more bonuses!

  • Don’t forget! This promotion will only count records for Junior, who has been promoted since May 5 at 10:00 UTC.
  • All records are counted automatically, and you will receive an airdrop in proportion to the number of juniors you have promoted since the promotion ended.
  • This airdrop will be carried out in batches on May 31.

Growth Should Never Stop!

Commanders, seize the opportunity to capitalize on these enthralling updates and promotions, specifically tailored for our cherished Junior NFTs, and let us help you cultivate a more enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience!