New Update Sneak Peek:
Deal With Pirate King

New Update Sneak Peek:
Deal With Pirate King

December 10, 2022

Meteorologists have begun expanding their exploration after weather was discovered in the Talos continent. As their exploration gradually moved out of the Talos continent, they made an amazing discovery recently. They found vast seas and numerous islands in the south of the Talos continent.

This place, full of islands and seas, was blessed with nature, but there was already someone there who was building power firmly. Yes, it was the base of Atliana! She, the plunder king and the great pirate of the southern sea, has built a huge fortune in this fortress of nature.

Atliana was a ruthless villain, but at the same time a cheerful adventurer who loved risk and thrill. And especially, she was the one who loved the uncertain future more than anyone else.

This prestigious pirate, she offered a special deal to the adventurers she encountered. Because the most interesting thing for her, who had already made a huge fortune, was more thrilling play than offshore robbery.

Finally, She put three treasure boxes in front of the adventurers and shouted confidently.

“If you’re curious, slay the box! haha, Who knows, it might change yer life!
Oh! actually, I don’t even know what’s in it! Good or bad! Well, Dunno dat!”

“If you’re curious, slay the box!
haha, Who knows, it might change yer life!
Oh! actually, I don’t even know what’s in it!
Good or bad! Well, Dunno dat!”

Atliana, the famous grand pirate, offered you a deal! Now you can decide whether to buy Loot Chest by accepting the pirate king’s deal. There are Three Loot Chests are available for purchase using RETA. The prices of these chests are diverse, and each of them contains a different item. It’s only up to you to open this chest. Maybe, some really great luck could be with you.

Overview: New Loot Chest

Deal With Pirate King, This is the first non-regular RETA consumption content we introduce. The commander can open the Loot Chest they wants, and these three boxes are set at different prices: 20 RETA, 50 RETA, and 100 RETA.

These chests basically give you a range of random resources and various Fragments items. All quantities are random, so different players may receive different results.

Apart from the advantage of providing various Fragments at random, one of the key features of this Loot Chest is that it provides resources to commanders.

This will give the player a second option on gather resource , helping the commander get a more fluid view of the price of resources in the marketplace.

New circular policy

When the player opens the Loot Chest with Pirate King, the player can get a “LUCKY” chance in addition to the items in the Chest. LUCKY Winner will immediately acquire a portion of the items in the “Pirate Reward Pool.”

This is a measure of our circular policy. Following Reta Team’s iron rule of sharing the ecosystem’s revenue with players, “Deal With Pirate King” also deposits some of the revenue generated from the ecosystem in Reward Pool. That’s “Pirate Reward Pool,” which was released with “Deal With Pirate King.”

A certain amount of Hero Doll and Soul Flower will be accumulated in this new reward pool whenever Reta Wars commanders break up NFT heroes. And everything in this pool will still be distributed to the player again.

Short-term operation plan

The “Deal With Pirate King” is not permanent, and it will be temporarily released until NFT Island, the Retaverse platform and the next GameFi are released.

As many commanders know, RETA is a governance token designed to focus on distributing profits through ecosystem cycles. That means that there should be a greater advantage for holders when they have RETA, rather than consuming RETA.

In other words, from a long-term perspective, RETA will be a ‘value-sharing’ governance token that will share the revenue generated from all GameFi channels on the Retaverse Platform.

When new GameFi is launched on our platform and new rewards are set aside for Reta Staking Pool, commanders will have a completely different view of RETA. It will be an investment asset that must be kept to receive endless returns from various channels in this ecosystem, not for consumption. However, Reta Wars is the only channel, at least at this stage. This is one of the reasons why we have created this temporary RETA consumption path.

Remember that we don’t stop trying so that you can be constantly interested in the value of RETA while traveling to Retaverse.