Server Open Notification

October 9, 2022


We’re finally all set up and we’ve reopened Reta Wars’ game server. Commanders can access the game again from 14:00 UTC. and from this point on, new GRT contracts will also be traded. This announcement will report to you the history of the last troubleshooting and will explain what points commanders should check before restarting the game.

Improve security issues

Reta Wars has finally been restored from hacking attacks. Today’s hacking attack started with a vulnerability found in the GRT withdrawal system. In the process, there was dumping of GRT, and some of the GRTs traded at unfair prices flowed into the game ecosystem. We rolled back the game server and built a new contract for GRT to protect the fairness of the game and the rights of the holder. Now many improvements have been made, and commanders can finally play Reta Wars again. If you want to know more about this incident, check out the past announcement.

New GRT Contract

We stopped all transactions of GRT contracts exposed to hacking attacks and removed all LP in this pool. We also created a new GRT contract with enhanced security. The initial price of this new GRT starts at 0.08 BUSD, the price before exposure to attack.

Among those who purchased GRT from 19:35 UTC, the initial time of the incident, players who have not yet moved to the game wallet will receive GRT from the new contract. To prevent this from leading to a new game balance problem, the GRT held by the user will be paid on a 0.08 BUSD basis. This is a measure to prevent our holders and game players’ assets from being lost due to unexpected external attacks.

You can check out New GRT contract at:

Rollback the server

The game server is rolled back, and the game resumes from the timeline just before the accident. This time is 19:35 UTC on October 8. This rollback contains the GRT history that was used in the game, as well as the GRT transaction transmitted from the on-chain.

The monetary value of all GRTs purchased by the players at the time of the incident or used in the game will be converted to 0.08 BUSD and will be re-paid from the new contract.

Skip the today’s Battle

‘Reta War’, the Daily battle will resume on October 10 at 10:00 UTC. The resources that the players have provided to the factions since the end of the war on October 8 12:00 UTC, and the resources that they will supply after the resumption of service will all be applied to the war on October 10.

Weekly Ranking Rewards

1. The resources supplied by the players from October 9th are included in the results of the October 10th reta war. This result will be displayed on October 10th at 12:00 UTC.

2. The weekly ranking includes contribution scores for the next reta war starting at 12:00 UTC on October 10th.

3. Therefore, the commander can claim a ranking reward at 12:00 UTC on October 11.

4. Due to the impact of this decision, all weekly rankings will be initialized every Tuesday.

New Rules at GRT Withdrawal

[Rule 1] The maximum GRT players can withdraw from the game is limited to 10,000 GRT per day.
[Rule 2] In order to withdraw GRT from the game wallet, the player must have at least 1 NFT hero.

We applied sufficient security updates to the server. However, we have set these withdrawal limits to prevent the player’s asset value from being damaged by unexpected additional attacks, and to help us respond to these incidents more quickly.

This rule will be updated as soon as the server opens today. If you try to withdraw more than 10,000 GRT a day, an error message will pop up.
and we will then update further detailed interfaces on this rule.

※ This rule is temporary and may be relaxed or withdrawn under the following conditions:
– When this rule makes it harder for most commanders to play games
– When the risk of an external attack has been eliminated

Special food aid to heroes

Don’t worry about the hero’s loss of HP due to the game server check.
When the game service resumes, you can claim specialized food from the territory’s Farm.

※ The button to receive the Food is located in the upper left corner of the farm screen.
※ It is provided to prevent the starvation of heroes due to a sudden game shutdown. Therefore, the player can perform this request only once.
※ The food provided here is disposable, and your food storage needs extra space to receive it. If you click this button without enough space in your food storage, any food that exceeds Max Storage will be deleted.

Apologies for service delays

We are very sorry that the smooth gameplay of the commanders was interrupted by an unexpected attack. This problem is now all solved, but we will not relax and examine all risks closely. We will also establish a safeguard system to minimize possible damage from external attacks.

Thank you to the commanders and the holder community who have trusted us and waited until the problem is solved. We will make it a problem-solving principle to protect the rights of holders and players first for any problem.