Second Fast Mode Championship:
Party Promotion Winner

Second Fast Mode Championship:
Party Promotion Winner

Apr 17, 2023

Hello, Commander!

Last Friday, the Fast Mode Championship filled with the efforts and passion of the commanders has come to an end. Commanders engaged in fierce competition and showed results beyond expectations. All party and commanders advanced towards the tournament with amazing skills and perseverance, continuing to compete despite the numerous challenges and uncertainties of the competition.

Now that all the competition has ended, we would like to share the achievements and emotions from the Fast Mode Championship. Check out their skills and performances through this announcement. Now, we announce the results of the party tournament of this Fast Mode Championship!

1st place: CRT

The glorious winner of this championship is the [CRT] party! They led 30 commanders to the Top 100 leaderboard in this Fast Mode Championship. They showed amazing performances in the tournament by leading a large number of commanders to the top 100. Their brilliant feats made the stage of competition shine and surprised us all. We commend their outstanding skills and passion. We salute their glorious results. As a victory reward, we will provide 5,000 RETA and 3,000 Junior Dolls! (100 dolls for each member on the leaderboard)

2nd place: FAT

The runner-up party in this Fast Mode Championship is [FAT] party! The [FAT] party consistently ranks high in the party tournament standings with astonishing results in every competition, surprising their competitors. Following their victory in the last tournament, a total of 25 commanders made it to the Top 100 in this championship, showcasing their skills. We congratulate the [FAT] party on their achievements and look forward to their participation in even more energetic and intense competitions. As a reward for their efforts, a total of 3,000 RETA will be distributed to them!

3rd place: CMA

The [CMA] party, a first-time participating team in the Fast Mode Championship, secured third place and showcased remarkable performances. They never backed down from the competition from start to finish and demonstrated their amazing skills, which caught the attention of many commanders. They gave their all to prove their abilities and led a total of 12 commanders to the Top 100, astonishing everyone. As a reward for their skills, a total of 2,000 RETA will be distributed to them.

Party Tournament Overall Results

In the Fast Mode Championship, numerous parties participated and engaged in fierce competition. A total of 11 parties led their commanders to the Top 100 of the Party Tournament. Check out the results of the parties that fiercely competed in the second Fast Mode Championship right now!

Reward policy

[CRT], [FAT], and [CMA], these team’s leader on the podium will be contacted by the Reta team for a review. finally We will pay a reward RETA to the wallets of the representatives of each team who applied for this promotion. Now the representatives of the team will distribute the bounty in their own way, and we will not be involved in this.

Fierce competition in the Fast Mode Championship!

Thanks to the active participation and support of all commanders, and the amazing performances of the parties, this tournament has successfully come to an end. We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants who experienced more passion and excitement in this tournament, and we will continue to strive to prepare more thrilling Championship in the future.