Season of growth is coming!

season of growth is coming!

April 3, 2023

Hello, Commanders!

Since the winter of 2021, we have been moving this ecosystem together with our holders. Reta Wars, the first Game-Fi in Retaverse, has been in operation for nearly half a year, and RETA staking has been distributing ecosystem profits to holders for an impressive 26 weeks. In fact, this is something difficult to find in other projects. While we have been striving for the survival of this project for nearly half a year in the cold wave, we have watched many projects around us disappear.

In order to survive in the rapidly changing market, we need to check and learn trends faster than anyone else and prepare a lot to protect ourselves from unexpected variables. These are the lessons we have learned while maintaining this system for the past half a year, and they have been enough to grow us. Now, based on these lessons and learnings, we have embarked on preparations to launch the RETA project to greater heights. And we will share our plans and direction with the holder community.

Our Long-Term Plan

Our Long-Term Plan

The recently updated ‘Owl Mileage’ and ‘Hero Patron’ features are just one example of our goals. Now, we will become more actively involved in the growth of this ecosystem. This means we will not leave the price of our token to flow into a “natural” state without intervention.

Of course, this does not mean illegal activities! We will carefully monitor and analyze the flow of the ecosystem, and we will not hesitate to intervene institutionally to achieve a better economic model. In other words, we will strengthen the value of the token by building more consumption models, circulation structures, and burning systems within the game. And this has already begun to be reflected in the charts!

Spring Theme: Growth

Spring Theme: Growth

We believe that the upcoming spring will be a season of growth for Reta Wars and the Retaverse as well. This applies not only to RETA and GRT but also to our holders and your NFT heroes fighting for you!

1. Hero Growth

We recognize that the NFT leveling-up system is one factor that hinders the growth of many players. We have studied ways to reduce the stress of the leveling-up system, and soon you will experience some additional options for NFT leveling-up. This will include several additional methods for commanders to acquire souls. New items and systems will support your active growth, and among these ideas are options to further expand your NFT army, or become a new commander by hiring NFTs, allowing you to start Reta Wars.

2. GRT Growth

GRT will now have a very aggressive burning system. Burning GRT through the game to gain more benefits will become not just an option but an essential part of gameplay. New and attractive GRT consumption channels will be added. Of course, these features will serve as mechanisms to encourage more GRT burning while players actively play the game to obtain RETA. Players will encounter more diverse options for earning benefits besides withdrawing GRT.

3. Strategy Growth

The battlefield will soon be revamped! The Reta Wars battlefield, which requires chess-like strategy, has been a stage for players of two factions to fight for better advantages through voting. However, as time passed, we have noticed that the frontlines and strategies have become more standardized, and we believe it is time for the excitement of new strategies. We will design a wider battlefield and introduce some new rules, presenting new strategic challenges for the leaders of each faction. By doing so, we aim to rekindle the thrill of devising innovative strategies and tactics, making the game even more engaging and enjoyable for all players.

Does this mean a change
in the existing roadmap?

Does this mean a change in the existing roadmap?

No! We are still preparing important updates for Reta Wars. The Reta team’s developers are capable of catching two rabbits at once. On one hand, they are preparing long-term and significant updates, and on the other hand, they are preparing quick updates to respond to the changes in the Game-Fi market and improve the ecosystem. Of course, we consider both to be important. Don’t forget that the ability to develop everything in-house is a core competitive advantage of the Reta team!
The upcoming key updates, such as ‘NFT Weapons’ and ‘3D-Simulator,’ are also being prepared steadily, and we have no plans to delay them due to new updates. These tasks simply require a considerable amount of time in reality.

Prepare for growth!

In order to respond flexibly to market variables and token flow, we need to make many changes. Of course, these changes are never determined unilaterally by the team. Renowned advisors who support the team, allies of the chain, economic experts, and feedback from the holder community will ultimately help RETA achieve its grand goals.

In conclusion, we are committed to nurturing the growth and development of the Retaverse ecosystem, our players, and the in-game heroes. We will continue to adapt and evolve to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of our project. As always, we are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our community, and we look forward to sharing this exciting journey with all of you.

We are always closely monitoring the market value and trends of RETA and GRT, and we know what the most crucial actions are to make this ecosystem successful. Join our transformation starting in April and grow together!