RETA Staking will start soon!

September 23, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Today we are going to talk about the staking system of Governance Token $RETA, which is at the heart of the Retaverse ecosystem. And this is going to be fundamentally different from the staking you’ve known so far.

Players can deposit their RETA in the Staking Pool and earn various forms of reward. This makes the Game-Fi ecosystem more complete and provides RETA Hodlers with a strong incentive to hold. And of course this motivation starts with a strong reward.

What are the key rewards of RETA Staking?

The ultimate goal of RETA Staking is simple, Realize the value of true governance by sharing the benefits of this ecosystem equally with RETA hodlers and Reta Team. RETA Hodler will not just be a player, but a partner who works with us to make this ecosystem a better place. This means that as the ecosystem develops and expands, the RETA hodler will also share the fruits of growth.

This staking provides the RETA hodler with benefits in two ways.

1. Fee benefits according to Tier

The first bonus to be offered to hodlers in RETA Staking is a fee benefit based on the Tier. We prepared five tiers of nobility title. It will be provided according to the staking volume of the RETA hodler. Players can stake 100 RETA to get ‘Baron’, 5 tier title. However, if the player wants to benefit from better conditions, he can stake an additional 900 RETA and immediately promote to the 4 tier title, ‘Viscount’.

Hodlers who participate in the RETA Staking will receive three fee benefits. It will provide a clear advantage for Hodler in Reta Wars’ gameplay.

Fee Benefits 1: Reduced resource sales fees
The GRT fee you have to pay when you sell resources on the marketplace decreases. It decreases more with your tier.

Fee Benefits 2: Reduced GRT withdrawal fees
The withdrawal fee that occurs when you move the GRT you have in the game to your wallet is reduced. It decreases more with your tier.

Fee Benefits 3: Reduced Harvest Fees
Many people already know that harvesting fees are automatically deducted when harvesting resources from territory. But if you hold a title through RETA staking, your harvest fee will also decrease. Of course, this will also decrease more depending on your title.

2. Staking Rewards

The second bonus for the hodler in RETA Staking is the Staking Rewards. The main reason why this staking system is attractive is that it is different from a typical staking. This is not a one-time pool, an event that works for a limited period of time. This staking system will operate permanently in the future, and you will continue to receive a portion of the fee revenue generated by this ecosystem through RETA staking.

You can get RETA, GRT, and all the natural resources (Ore, Wood and Food) that will benefit you in the game through RETA Staking.

Half of the RETA fees from Marketplace’s NFT hero trade go to this staking pool.

Half of GRT fees from resource and soul trade in the marketplace go to this staking pool.

Half of the harvest fees automatically incurred when all players harvest resources from their territory are set aside for this staking pool.

Lock-up rules

– The default lockup for RETA Staking is 3 days.

– This lockup is based on the last deposit. If you deposit 500 RETA on the first day and 500 RETA after 3 days, it means that the lockup will be released on the 6th day.

– Even if the lockup is lifted in three days, your staking benefits will not be deleted if you continue to staking. However, if the tier is lowered through unstaking, or if the RETA deposited is 0, the benefit will change.

– If the lock-up has been lifted after 3 days of the last deposit date, you can always get the RETA back after unstaking. There will be only a small gas fee here.

– If you are willing to accept the penalty, you can unstake and withdraw RETA during the lock-up period. However, in this case, 10% of the RETA that you intend to unstake will be charged as a penalty fee.

Why is this attractive?

The most important thing in the Crypto ecosystem is the robust hodler community. Many people today will agree with this argument. And we believe that the support and solidarity of the hodler community can further expand this ecosystem. We chose staking as a way to demonstrate respect for the hodler community.

In this wonderful Game-Fi ecosystem, the hodler of Governance Token RETA can benefit strongly from gameplay and a more advantageous position through staking. Because, as we said in the White Paper, the RETA ecosystem values the rights of hodler above all else. The RETA Staking will prove that we have great respect for RETA hodler in this ecosystem.

An innovative Game-Fi is approaching you!

The Reta Staking System will operate simultaneously with the official launching of the game at 12:00 PM UTC on October 3.

And before the official launch, the 7-day open promotion sale from September 26th will be one of the best opportunities for you to start Reta Wars. The unique and special Game-Fi that no one has ever experienced is approaching you. Get ready!