We’ll see you in Reta Beta!

May 30, 2022

Hello, Commanders!
Beta testing for Reta Wars starts today at 12:00 PM UTC. We have completed the whitelisting of wallets registered as testers, and your heroes are waiting to meet you on the testnet.

Now, we will release a list of commanders who have finally been selected as beta testers. And in this announcement, we will also tell you how to access Reta Wars’ testnet.

First, check if you are a beta tester by clicking the toggle below. Since the list is long, we suggest that you search for your wallet address by pressing Ctrl+F. This list shows your wallet address ‘last 7 digits’.

BSC Address (Last 7 digits)
※Press Ctrl+F to find your address.
b8Cb2D9 6c412ac 6A7E5a1
226a652 c88e00F F840DAb
AEB56fE 4dc05c5 b23E093
055cf00 0801E51 Ccc021B
A7C724C 2b263E5 d2A6817
BD60809 f31885a b772666
E925237 9BF45A2 A8d84fA
B3f3A85 7e6fBd9 cd57634
6025adc 88fB14a 90D92E6
499C66A 05aCb6E 1a16d50
5902788 5b5B5AB 68F1435
EDCc44a a6030dF 57f979C
23Fb2De E417f86 f4EaF7F
e7849A1 7F7AF62 aBbeD82
FBd9aa3 FC92360 83900bA
d178462 5e30e46 09ED8Bc
05D4325 9332e32 6b7196f
D915b05 aBA1339 A36e060
2F5458a 7247B81 13F5BA4
F4FCe2A 50B9025 2b5Dc17
4bdF127 a25F379 ec3C2FE
805bE92 581924c A779b1F
fa26569 6927752 0d410B9
Fe5aC0b 937BC52 282ad3f
8f09049 BaDAF51 4D62E3b
f281972 a488823 48aE84F
0b12A0c 2C8b1a5 def11A6
42d1878 76Ee7B1 A44d39e
C090068 76134A5 56eEA66
32cfc66 4d6F713 d6F8ece
2656d6A 09695CD 9EBCB88
9bEC1B9 35e08C4 aE4F0FC
F55b8b9 e33a076 7ce4A2e
b869059 1fE1736 16dE86F
447630d 55cDd36 0582e44
2957B18 47F74AA 64Bfbf2
95fC1C0 1bf09e3 b9f24Af
D52a33a 215EA36 aa1C513
2b2B5dA e3615cc DF2be1D
A9108f3 80Cc984 605ea3b
8aBbEc2 4793fE4 905929d
77903eB 66836a0 671Ce26
0fEA917 802940b 2e9d5BA
8E57888 cdae9e5 ACc9392
AeE9366 c5C015A 402359a
8d4Df75 449d942 4D5E494
e4CbD30 76950fC ec69c45
D1cF486 8Eb3114 0410c0e
b19DdAd 0F86e34 c552405
AEb61a8 C5B817a e9Fb1f0
55fd8EC 75664b3 17761a5
B76793F b03BF43 fD3A624
82CDA35 0092921 aAD32e5
C3Bf766 DB6b864 3736728
01cf563 2BcFfa8 05Dc092
068f765 6EF24A5 0C2F71b
A551857 4eB9a13 3fB4161
a775B5F 49228a2 20C35De
0fbe047 E786516 Dc3c504
c5713bB 4021D86 7f201ec
85fC292 7F7723a D3C93DA
388EB7B De32B8B 693B890
659b725 393743E A749D0B
55e9E55 16f8A2E e951d99
dd2E9F9 FEB6016 bA4D95A
7707694 62D3e3f 7A74992
290aE3d 9BE2BAD 028f629
EAEef56 572eFC3 94078C5
8608A9D Fa5C310 c8b51b0
776ddc3 B58fE37 18d6537
309Fa10 FAddF45 48e7431
927863a Ae2aAc1 e53F7Fa
1361D80 1E0178C 8b3982e
110185B 51e816e 1c7c6c7
BaAC753 635e6e9 203ec5c
13C32f8 4C98d48 2b70816
40941e5 0F957DF e710713
3c149d1 d190f55 5E30727
54c3031 7242f42 8336ad8
FBb632e 446a52e 3adf467
351F63D 9e87FA4 7eA7f62

Official schedule of Beta Test

We are announcing the official timetable for the beta test. Check your test schedule.
🗹 You will be able to access the testnet from May 30th, 12:00 PM UTC.
🗹 The rankings for season 1 will be released on June 6th at 12:00 PM UTC.
🗹 The rankings for Season 2 will be released on June 13th at 12:00 PM UTC, and the beta test will end.

Common Rules

1️⃣ The ‘Reta War,’ a battle between factions, is held once a day at 12:00 PM UTC.

2️⃣ A game day will always start at 12:00 PM (UTC). Players can place heroes on their territory and operate them or upgrade buildings with harvested resources. Of course, you must not forget to vote to determine the faction’s war strategy. Finally, players can support their factions with resources. And that’s only possible once every two hours.

3️⃣ 10:00 AM (UTC), two hours before the start of the war, the counting to calculate the war simulation begins. Players can still play most of the game during this time but cannot support resources.

4️⃣ The battle proceeds automatically through simulation, and you can check the battle log in detail. Factors contributing to the victory of a battle are as follows.

  • Amount of natural resources that players contributed to their faction.
  • Combat power buff applied to the faction due to the strategic resource ‘morale’ supported by the player
  • Spy effect due to the strategic resource ‘military secret’ supported by the player
  • Voting results for each faction’s combatant deploy

⚠️ The ratio of natural resources(ore, wood, food) that players have contributed to their faction is most effective when it is 3:3:3.

⚠️ Be aware of your spy level. Spy can steal resources from enemy faction before the start of a war. You can preview it on the War Ready screen.

⚠️ [Beta only] in this beta, you cannot use the marketplace due to the nature of the testnet. (both Heroes and Resources) Therefore, the player’s growth may be somewhat slower. Therefore, the Reta Team has opened a store that can only be used while testing is in progress. Testers can claim a random Hero, GRT, or Random Soul by clicking the Claim button here. And the claim button will be reactivated after 2 hours when clicked.

How to connect to the testnet:
Add a new network to your wallet: Binance Testnet

You probably already have BSC set in your metamask. However, the beta test is running on the testnet, so you will need to add the Binance Testnet network to your wallet to access the test server. This is true for MetaMask as well as other wallets.

The Add Network page includes “Network Name”, “New RPC URL”, “Chain ID”, “Currency Symbol” and “Block Explorer URL”. Now let’s see what we need to write in this field.

Enter [Testnet] Binance Smart Chain in the “Network Name” field.
Enter https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545/ in the “New RPC URL” field.
The number to be entered in the “Chain ID” field is 97.
The “currency symbol” is BNB.
Enter https://testnet.bscscan.com for “Block Explorer URL”.

Now you can see that the testnet has been successfully added to your network list. Select the testnet from the list of your networks. Now everything is ready to access the beta test server.

After setting up your network as a testnet, you are now ready to play the beta test. Go to the test page by clicking the [BETA TESTNET] button in the upper right corner of the official website Retawars.com. This button will be active at pm12:00 UTC, the beta start time.

Great. You can now log into Reta Wars’ beta testnet with your wallet here. Please note that if you have not set up your network as a testnet in your wallet, or have not been whitelisted for beta testing, you cannot proceed further at this stage.

We invite testers to the Command Center!

In Reta Wars, players must work together to win the war. You must vote to decide on the important strategy. And, this strategic communication will have a huge impact on your potential revenue.
So we’ve created a temporary channel on Discord during testing to allow commanders to communicate about their faction’s strategy. If you’re a beta tester, you’ll be able to join the community on Discord to prove yourself and share your strategies.

Follow our guide on Discord’s #faction-proof channel to verify your faction and get a role!