Patchnote: Fragments

Patchnote: Fragments

December 6, 2022

Hello, Commander!

A new wind blows into the endless war between Nate and Gaia. The fragment system will finally update this week! This new reward will be a new motivation for you to participate in this war. Now enter the strategic vote to conquer the wider land! This wonderful reward will be allocated more to those who have conquered relatively more land.

This patch allows the commander to meet the fragment system and various updates for a better play experience. Check the entire patch note, and pay attention to the changes.

Patchnote #1

Update a new system

Update a new system

Add new items: Fragments

Soul flower each rarity, hero doll, and weapon blueprint fragment are added to the game. These items are generally available as a reward for the daily Reta War. If you support resources and contribute to participating in Reta War, you will acquire fragments according to the ranking.

※ To learn more about fragment, a key element of this patch note, you can click on this guide to learn about fragment systems.

Inventory & Combine

You can now find a new ‘Inventory’ menu in your personal area. This page displays the fragment items you have acquired. If you have enough pieces, you can click the Combine button and get the completed item.

New categories of marketplace

A new category has been added to the marketplace so that commanders can trade these newly added items. Commanders can trade items using GRT here.

Discovery Buff in Battlefield

The ‘Discovery Buff’ is added to the Faction status of Battlefield. This effect determines the number of fragments to be assigned to each faction’s reward pool. And this buff increases with the area of land conquered by the faction. In other words, a larger number of fragments are allocated to the faction that has conquered many lands, and it has nothing to do with the victory or defeat of the war.

Patchnote #2

Improved usability

Improved usability

Leaderboard Profile

Now, if you select a player on the ranking leaderboard, you can see the information about the leader heroes he/she has placed on the territory. Check your competitor’s hero training status and refine your leaderboard strategy.

Increase duration of the notification board

The game’s notifications will now be visible to more players. This message board to celebrate the achievements of the commanders overcoming tough odds has been displayed for just 10 seconds so far, and not enough people have been able to see it. Now these messages will be displayed for up to 5 minutes, and more people who play the game will see it. (Of course, if multiple notifications occur at the same time, the time will be shortened.)

Troubleshooting Infinite Loading

When performing the task of calling contracts during gameplay, commanders would occasionally experience infinite loading. It was a network issue that occurred since the BNB chain update and will be resolved in this patch.

Change some text in the game

– There was a typo in some text describing Reta War’s voting system and corrected it.

– Unnecessary text was added to some dates in the History menu of Battlefield, and it was removed.


In some situations, the alignment function of the My NFT menu is not working properly, and we have corrected it in this update.

Server Down Schedule

This update will start on Dec 8, and that includes the server down for maintenance. Fragment rewards will be applied from the new Reta War battle preparations after the server is opened. Therefore, commanders can finally obtain fragment rewards from the war results the day after the update.

Server Down Time: Dec 8th 10:00 to 12:00 UTC (2 hours)

The time required for maintenance and updates is the expected number. It may end sooner than we expected, or it may be delayed a little. If the server opening is delayed beyond the announced time, we will inform you of the news through the announcement channel without delay.