Investigation Results for Illegal minting Users and Our Plan

June 10, 2022

As our projects take a clearer picture and interesting elements are revealed one by one, people’s interest grows. We know more and more people are interested in our project, especially after the weekly ranking system was unveiled on the testnet.

But sometimes there are users who come to the project with bad intentions. It happened at the market before the day was over. There was an unfair hero minting on Reta Wars’ Marketplace. We have temporarily closed our marketplace for an accurate investigation, and have launched an investigation immediately.

Case Review Results

We had a complex source to determine a hero’s Rarity and Power in the pre-sales minting system. And at this time, we had several measures in place to cut unnecessary gas fees for commanders in the pre-sale. In addition, we have released the source code on GitHub for transparency and fairness of this project.

However, this unfair intruder has been digging into our minting processes for a long time, leading to cheating. In the end, he improperly altered the ranks of several heroes yesterday, immediately throwing them into the market and then running away.

We detected anomalies, halted trading on the marketplace, and analyzed all minting processes and transaction records. And now, we share with our commanders our response to this incident and our plans for the future.

1. Heroes improperly acquired by invaders are now permanently disabled.

Heroes acquired and distributed to the market by this intruder could do significant damage to the ecosystem and other commanders if used in real game rankings. Therefore, all heroes inappropriately purchased by this hacker are now blacklisted and permanently disabled.

The heroes listed below are no longer able to take any action related to the game. This includes disassembly and even sale:
101921, 101922, 101923, 101924, 101925, 101930, 101931, 101932, 101934, 101935, 101936

2. Refund of the purchase amount

There will also be a brief investigation into the commander who purchased this hero. We know there is nothing fundamentally wrong with buyers, and we regret that a take-back policy like this has happened. However, in this case, we are closely reviewing all transactions as we are always on the lookout for potential buyers who have been implicated in the intruder.

So, if you have purchased a hero that is blacklisted above, please get in touch with us through the form below. After analyzing your transaction history, we plan to refund exactly the RETA you paid for this transaction:

3. Team buyback plan

This cheater threw away the RETA they earned by selling their heroes and ran away, affecting the RETA price. Especially those who bought RETAs to buy heroes from the market would have suffered a potential loss from this sudden dump. We feel responsible for the exposure of holders who believe in the value and potential of RETA to this damage. Accordingly, we have planned a buyback for market recovery.

Therefore, we bought back 28,726 RETA from the foundation’s reserve to reclaim the RETA distributed on the market by this fraudulent user.
(Txid: 0xc0dab047454806412dbd5e79e7948c52ef7e2d1e7b1073497ebbecf5a5d02017)
This RETA will be used to help commanders who have purchased blacklisted NFTs get their RETA refunded.

4. Future plans

Although many developers are doing their best to prepare for attacks, such unjust attacks are also occurring frequently in the cryptocurrency market, which many people pay attention to. Reta Team will also do everything possible to ensure that the same thing never happens again.

We have also made all arrangements to ensure that this issue is fully resolved, and we plan to reopen the marketplace when this takes effect in the near future.
In addition, we plan to set an internal alarm for detecting anomalies during hero minting and, if necessary, ban transactions for a period of time until verification is complete.

We prioritize protecting the RETA ecosystem in all circumstances, and we will take the strongest response to any actions that attempt to violate the safety of this ecosystem.