Our hidden advisor will be revealed soon

March 19, 2022

Hello Commander!

In preparation for the 2nd pre-sale, we updated many parts of the webpage. There are a few impressive ones that commanders should note among the many changes. The first is an updated photo of the key members moving our project. And the second will be our new secret weapon in our project, our hidden advisor.

Why is this important? This is usually equivalent to checking the backer when reviewing the prospects of a project. In the early stages of the project, there is a lack of reliable information so players will turn to the people involved in the project. And the influence these people or groups have has the potential to have a significant positive impact on the project, if necessary. In short, advisors are important because they are information that can be used as a reference for estimating future scalability.

The identity of the new advisor who will contribute to the long-term expansion of Reta Wars is full of secrets. Now there is only one hint we can reveal.

He/She is one of the leading figures who have pioneered the game media market for a long time, and He/She is still an adventurer who enjoys new challenges. He/She is looking forward to more unique and new adventures through his relationship with Reta Wars.

Our advisor behind the secret will be revealed to commanders on March 25th, Don’t take your eyes off our announcement channel.