Notice: Staking will start soon!

December 31, 2021

ⓒReta Wars

Hello, Commander!
Reta team will soon start staking / LP staking for commanders who have hired pre-sale NFT.

Staking will run from block 13984000 to block 16576000, The staking time is as follows.

Please be aware of the following

✔️ Since the creation of blocks is the top priority at the staking time, it may be difficult to know the exact time in advance.

✔️ We will provide more detailed tutorials and FAQs for Commanders who are not yet familiar with staking.

✔️ Staking is only permitted to those who have purchased Reta Wars pre-sale NFT Heroes.


Q. How is the staking pool distributed?

?️ 1 million RETA will be supplied to the NFT staking pool / LP staking pool each. And it will be supplied in blocks for about 90 days (2,592,000 blocks). During this period, RETA will be distributed in proportion to the staking power of the staking participants.

Q. How is pre-sale hardcap that has not yet been sold?

?️ Even if the Marketplace starts selling random heroes with $RETA, the pre-sale NFT Heroes will be on sale until sold out. There are reason for this, There is a subtle difference between the Stats of Pre-Sale Heroes and Marketplace Heroes. This is not a critical gap, but some may find it significant.

Q. When can RETA be traded or used?

?️ From the moment you harvest RETA and put it in your wallet, you can trade it through a decentralized exchange (DEX), but this is not currently recommended. The Marketplace will open soon.