Marketplace 1.5 Today Available!

April 22, 2022

Hello, Commander!

Marketplace 1.5 will be released on April 22nd at 12:00 PM UTC, Commanders can now trade NFT Heroes here. This could be used to sell NFT Heroes that commanders will no longer use. But for some, it can be a chance to find and buy a hero with great potential. Also, if you are a commander preparing for the upcoming game-opening, it may be an opportunity to replenish the class of heroes you are expected to lack. If so, keep an eye out for your Hero’s Stats and Skills!

As trading through the Marketplace resumes, we publish a post that briefly addresses frequently asked questions by many commanders. Now, commanders should carefully check the sections outlined below!

How can I buy Heroes on the Marketplace?

You need RETA to buy NFT Heroes on the Marketplace. RETA can currently be obtained by trading in PancakeSwap. If you have enough RETA, choose the hero you want from the marketplace and buy it. After going through a transaction and paying a small amount of the BNB gas fee, you will have that hero.

How can I sell my heroes?

Very simple. View the list of NFT you have on the My NFT page, select the NFTs you want to sell, and determine the RETA price you want. At the end of the transaction, your hero will switch to ‘On Sale’ status.

How much is the fee on Marketplace?

In Reta Wars’ token ecosystem, every action of a commander cycles through the economy. In addition, unlike other games, it is designed so that holders of RETA, the Governance Token, can directly benefit from the game.

Transaction fees through the marketplace are usually 10% of the transaction amount. Of course, this fee is shared equally by the company and the commander. First, half of the fee proves the company’s sales, and the other half goes to the reward pool. This will help the commander maintain a steady source of income. This policy creates a positive future for Play-to-Earn where RETA holders, commanders, and companies can grow together equally.

Will Heroes bought from the Marketplace count toward the GRT airdrop?

It will depend on the case of heroes being sold in the marketplace. If you’re considering GRT airdrops, you should focus on this one.

Heroes moved from a staking contract sold in the 1st presale will not count toward the 1st GRT airdrop target, even if you purchase a new one.

Because, as many commanders know, we have already completed a snapshot in the process of airdropping tickets to 1st presale NFT holders. So, even if you buy a 1st presale NFT from the marketplace, this will not increase your GRT airdrop payout.

However, the 2nd presale NFT is still on sale, so the snapshot for the GRT airdrop hasn’t ended. So, if you buy 2nd presale NFTs on the Marketplace now, they will count towards the GRT you will receive when the game launches.

1st? 2nd? How can I discern it?

It’s easy to tell the difference between a 1st Preasle Hero and a 2nd Presale Hero. This is because we applied different rules when assigning token numbers for NFT heroes. Commanders can click heroes in “My NFT” or the Hero List in the Marketplace and check the details. Commanders must verify the token number displayed here.

If the token number of the NFT hero is 5 digits (10000 ~ 19999), it means that it is an NFT sold in the 1st presale. Buying this hero will not count towards the GRT airdrop.

However, if the token number of the NFT hero is 6 digits (100000 ~ 199999), it means that it is an NFT created in a new contract. This hero will be reflected in your GRT airdrop volume.

So, is trading 1st NFT in the Marketplace a potential loss?

No, it is not. The only downside to these is that the snapshot for 1st Presale NFT holders has been completed, so these NFTs will no longer be able to get GRT airdrops. and, that’s just one thing. And there are advantages that more than offset these disadvantages. These heroes recently got a +1 random Stats bonus during the process of migrating their NFTs from their staking contract. Crucially, don’t forget that these have a fixed LUK of 5.