Marketplace 1.0 Now Available!

February 15, 2022

Hello, Commander!

As we announced last time, we are launching marketplace 1.0. You can now trade NFT with other commanders by paying $RETA. Check Rarity and Stats carefully, and trade safely.

Why 1.0?

We actively reviewed the community’s need for NFT trading urgently and first updated the ability to trade NFT, And we define it as Marketplace 1.0.

The marketplace will be updated several times in the future. The finished version of the Marketplace will support auctions on NFT Island, trading of Iron, Lumber, and Food, trading of weapons and blueprints, and more.

How to Sell

Trading NFT is surprisingly straightforward. In the list of NFTs you have, the selling function will be activated for NFT heroes who are not staking. If you select a hero that is not staking, the Enable button is displayed along with the hero’s serial number.
Clicking on this button will activate the Sell button.

※ This process is required only once for the first time per wallet address. From the second sale onwards, the SELL button will be displayed immediately.

Now when you press the Sell button, you can enter the price you want to sell. This is all you need to do to sell NFTs.

How to buy

Simple. Go to the new ‘Marketplace’ tab, then find and buy the hero you want. If all you need is a RETA to buy a hero, and a little Gas Fee (BNB) to close the deal, that’s it.

Need tips for smart buying? We recommend paying attention to abilities such as your hero’s Stats and Skills. These will make a significant difference when the game is released.

About trade fee

In Reta Wars’ token ecosystem, every action of a commander cycles through the economy. In addition, unlike other games, it is designed so that holders of RETA, the Governance Token, can directly benefit from the game.

Transaction fees through the marketplace are usually 10% of the transaction amount. Of course, this fee is shared equally by the company and the commander. First, half of the fee proves the company’s sales, and the other half goes to the reward pool. This will help the commander maintain a steady source of income. This policy creates a positive future for Play-to-Earn where RETA holders, commanders, and companies can grow together equally.