First Fast Mode Championship:
Party Promotion Winner

First Fast Mode Championship:
Party Promotion Winner

Mar 20, 2023

Hello, commander!

The intense first Fast Mode Championship, where your passion and perseverance shined, has come to an end! All the fierce battles in the championship have been concluded and finally, the glorious winners have been decided. We sincerely congratulate the winners who have triumphed in the competition with excellent strategies and efforts.

Prepare for the next championship and compete with more commanders! We will continue to provide stages for challenges and victories, and opportunities to become a glorious winner always exist. Now it’s time to meet the winners of the first championship!

1st place: FAT

The glorious winner of this Championship is the [FAT] party! They led 27 commanders to the Top 100 leaderboard in this Fast Mode Championship. What’s surprising is that FAT, who took second place in the last championship, finally climbed to the top party this time. The excellent teamwork and strategy shown by [FAT] in this tournament have been a great inspiration to us all. We salute their glorious results. As a victory reward, we will provide 5,000 RETA and 2,700 Junior Dolls! (100 dolls for each member on the leaderboard)

2nd place: CRT

The party that took second place in this Fast Mode Championship is [CRT]! They had 25 commanders in the Top 100, earning their place on the leaderboard. They came in second place, just a slight difference from first. They showed excellent gameplay in the Fast Mode Championship and will receive a total of 3,000 RETA as a reward for their efforts! Congratulations again to the amazing achievement of the [CRT] party!

3rd place: CRZ

The party that took third place in this Fast Mode Championship is [CRZ]! They led 11 commanders in the Top 100 and had their names on the leaderboard. Congratulations to the [CRZ] commanders who fought numerous parties with outstanding skills and won! They will receive a total reward of 2,000 RETA!

Reward policy

[FAT], [CRT], and [CRZ], these team’s leader on the podium will be contacted by the Reta team for a review. finally We will pay a reward RETA to the wallets of the representatives of each team who applied for this promotion. Now the representatives of the team will distribute the bounty in their own way, and we will not be involved in this.

Please look forward to the next championship!

We would like to express our gratitude once again to all the commanders who participated in the Fast Mode Championship and showed their support! We will continue to create more fun and attractive Fast Mode and Fast Mode Championship as F2P.

The next Fast Mode Championship will be held in four weeks on April 14th at 10:00 UTC. It is important to always practice in daily Fast Mode in order to achieve outstanding results in the Fast Mode Championship. Furthermore, if you participate diligently in the Daily Fast Mode, you will be able to purchase an entry ticket to the Fast Mode Championship using the Square Coins obtained as rewards in the Daily Fast Mode. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your skills and win the championship! The chance for a huge reward will be given equally to everyone!