OBT in Fast Mode has ended!

OBT in Fast Mode has ended!

Jan 21, 2023


Reta Wars: Fast Mode OBT’s first race is finally completely over. The race was breathless, and the competition for the leaderboard was fierce until it reached the finish line.

During the Fast Mode OBT, some features of the game were sometimes delayed by a sudden increase in visitors. As a result, many commanders temporarily felt uncomfortable playing the game. In addition, there were issues such as server rack, failure to claim reta war reward, and stopping games. These improvement challenges are what we find in this OBT, and we have identified all the causes of these issues. In addition, most of this problem has been solved in real-time while this OBT is live.

We plan to conduct internal tests to find problems that we haven’t found yet and improve the completeness until the actual game starts on January 26. We also plan to actively collect opinions from the commanders who played OBT in order to provide a better play experience to the commanders. Our policy on Fast Mode is flexible, and it is focused on making commanders experience more fun games.

It was definitely a run that required a lot of patience, but your challenge to the finish line impressed us all. We pay our special thanks and respect to the commanders who have completed the 7 hour rally. Also, we applaud the commanders who have recorded their names on the leaderboard after fierce competition.

Rewards Guide for Fast Mode OBT

1. Regular Rewards for ranking leaderboard
When Fast Mode ends, you have to visit Fast Mode again through a normal route. In other words, it means finding a Fast Mode banner on Square, the game menu of Reta Wars.
Here you can check the leaderboard for the game that just ended. If your name is in the top 100, you can claim compensation on this page.

2. Rewards for party tournament events
If you or your party member is the winner of this promotion? Congratulations! We have a precise record of the results of this OBT’s leaderboard, and this reward will be air-dropped into the winners’ wallet on Jan 25th.

Please prepare for the next game!

Please look forward to the next game on January 26th! A more stable gameplay environment, improved game rules, and “greater rewards” will be offered to you. Then, look forward to our follow-up announcement ahead of the next game!