Fast Mode OBT:
Progress report

Fast Mode OBT:
Progress report

Jan 19, 2023


We appreciate your interest in our first Free to Play game mode, Reta Wars: Fast Mode. In fact, more commanders than we all expected have visited Fast Mode. But unfortunately, the first Open Beta Test in Fast Mode was closed early by some unexpected issues.

We feel very sorry for all the commanders who participated in this first test. So we are concentrating our capabilities to compensate for all the problems reported to date.

And at the same time, we’ve prepared a message for all the commanders who took the time to play the Fast Mode Test today. All commanders who visited Fast Mode to play the Open Beta Test will receive a small gift of our apology. This will be airdropped into the wallet of Fast Mode visitors as soon as our complementary work is completed.

The team’s next plan

The team’s first priority is to resolve all reported issues to date in order to resume Fast Mode. This includes fixes to existing bugs, as well as refunds to commanders who paid RETA in this Fast Mode.

In addition, we will also prepare countermeasures in case more commanders challenge Fast Mode than expected. In this process, some resource generation tables and their balance will also be supplemented.

We plan to resume Fast Mode OBT tomorrow at the same time after resolving all issues reported to date. In other words, it will start again on January 20th at 10:00 UTC. If more detailed plans for the resumption of Fast Mode OBT are ready, we will inform you through additional announcements.

To all the challengers who were running vigorously from the starting line, we offer our apologies once again.

We hope to see you again tomorrow.

We have always made clear plans and moved quickly. But sometimes things go far beyond our expectations. During the Fast Mode open beta test, the more players challenge Fast Mode, the more unexpected we may encounter. But the important thing is that we are ready to respond quickly and accurately when faced with unexpected situations.

We will solve any problems quickly and share the news with the commander. Please always pay attention to our official channel!