New RETA Locked Addresses and their Lockup Schedule

New RETA Locked Addresses and their Lockup Schedule

June 30, 2023

Hello, this is Realital Company.
We have updated the address for the RETA Token and hereby disclose this fact to our holders:

Address 1: 0x418F778101AfF6208384b13252F45C717333B4a2

Address 2: 0xcb33D4b83B7a0dffB0fODc98F6C8d5d913c9798F

A total of 2,706,669 RETA has been moved from the Operating fund pool and has been locked in the above-disclosed wallets. This issuance was in return for the equity investment in Realital, the past developers of Reta Wars and the RETA ecosystem. Following the completion of the investment, the first issuance and subsequent lock-up schedules were triggered beginning June 2023, a year after the investment was completed. The lock-up will sequentially be lifted until March 2025, and the detailed unlock schedules are as follows:

Round Unlock Rate Date Address 1 Release Address 2 Release
1 30% Jun 2023 520,000 320,000
2 10% Sep 2023 166,667 100,000
3 10% Dec 2023 166,667 100,000
4 10% Mar 2024 166,667 100,000
5 10% Jun 2024 166,667 100,000
6 10% Sep 2024 166,667 100,000
7 10% Dec 2024 166,667 100,000
8 10% Mar 2025 166,667 100,000
Total 1,686,669 RETA 1,020,000 RETA

※ RETA moved after 1 year of completion of equity investment.
※ Volumes since the initial release are unlocked by 10% every quarter.

Please remember that we are still on the run. We are working tirelessly to prepare engaging news for our holders and to diligently disclose all matters about the current and future of the RETA ecosystem. Bear in mind that we are still striving to provide a positive inspiration for the future to our holders through our news. Please look forward to our upcoming news about our future.