Meet the Speaker
at BWB2022!

Oct 26, 2022

Blockchain Week, one of the world’s largest blockchain events, will begin soon in Busan, South Korea! From October 27th to 29th, the amazing event will begin at BEXCO in Busan. BWB2022 will be the venue for prominent speakers from the world’s leading blockchain and digital asset companies to share stories and insights about markets and prospects.

There is news for the commanders about this wonderful event where crypto leaders from all over the world gather in one place. It’s that Reta Wars core team is ready to speak about Game-Fi among the speakers leading this new era. What a surprise and delightful news!

Yes, it is. Kevin (Hyun Lee), VP of Realital, is our business strategy leader and a core member of the Reta Wars team. In the Future Stage of this BWB2022 Blockchain Game section, he will talk to a large audience and blockchain experts about the philosophy of Game-Fi. He knows exactly what projects need to prepare to maintain a sustainable Game-Fi ecosystem, and he will talk about Realital, which has succeeded in getting a new system, completely out of the revenue structure of the traditional game industry.

We are preparing for the future of Game-Fi with an accurate perspective. We also have an unwavering philosophy and pride in Game-Fi. The Reta Team is constantly striving to communicate our philosophy to the audience, and BWB2022 will be one of the best opportunities to communicate our philosophy!