Announcement: RETA minting

September 12, 2022

Hello, Commander!

We are announcing our additional RETA Minting Plan to Commanders. It is our purpose to mint additional RETA for the official launch of upcoming games and service expansion. It is consistent with what is stated in our white paper, and will be published according to transparent and codified rules.

1. Reward Pool: 15 Million RETA

15% RETA to be used in the reward pool to pay rewards in the official service of Reta Wars

2. Initial offering: : 5 Million RETA

5% RETA to be used for the purpose of initial offering (IEO / IDO)

3. Operating fund: 1.8 Million RETA

1.8% RETA to be used in the pool of Operating fund

4. For marketing: 0.9 Million RETA

0.9% RETA to be used for marketing

We inform commanders that we have minted a total of 22.7 million RETAs to achieve these four objectives. Since 7.3 million RETAs had been created previously, a total of 30 million RETAs (30%) were created through this announcement. Commanders can check the records at the contract address below.

Regarding the issuance of RETA, RETA’s holders and ecosystem contributors should be clearly aware of this fact and have an obligation to watch if we faithfully implement the tokenomics plan. It is one of the best options for holders to choose to create a safe and clean Retaverse ecosystem.