Giveaway Winners

July 24, 2022

Hello, Commander!

It’s time to ring the bells to congratulate all lucky commanders and Ecosystem Contributors! We appreciate the community response to the giveaway promotions in Open Beta News. The hotter-than-expected heat was enough to surprise all the core teams. And now we will decide the winner according to the leaderboard and announce the results of Raffle. Congratulations to all commanders whose names are on this list!

Reward plan

As the Commander may have known, this promotion offers a variety of rewards. Each reward has a different payment timing depending on its characteristics. If your name is on this leaderboard, please check it carefully.


RETA is the most powerful reward we can pay. If you know our tokenomics, you know the growth value of RETA. These will be awarded to the top 5 players on this promo leaderboard and will be credited to the winner’s wallet within 2 days.


GRT, the game’s community token, will make the Game-Fi ecosystem very active. It is used in various places for player growth. And, GRT will maintain its value through steady burning every moment. Don’t forget! Many players will need GRT to get ahead of the game early in the game and get higher returns.

The 6th-20th place of this promo leaderboard and 20 Raffle winners are eligible to receive GRT, which is the game currency and will be credited to the player’s wallet when Reta Wars’ official service begins.

Beta Hero Tickets

This is a ticket that allows you to mint random heroes during OBT. This is for testing only, so it will be deleted when OBT ends. Nevertheless, what makes this important is that this test allows you to study future profitable performance. If you succeed in winning the ticket in this test, you will have a chance to manage more heroes than you actually have.

Beta Hero Tickets, as the name suggests, will be issued on July 25, when beta testing begins. If you are eligible to receive tickets, access the test server and then go to the Shop. The ticket you earned will be displayed there, and you will be able to use it to get a random test hero.