Community AMA Q1 2023:
Ask Core Team questions!

Community AMA Q1 2023:
Ask Core Team questions!

February 28, 2023

Hello, Commander!

It’s been 22 weeks since the Reta Ecosystem started working, and we’re still looking forward & working hard for the future. We’re really preparing a lot for the full scale of 2023, and we’re also ready to share a lot of news with you.

The news we’re going to share with the commander today is about community AMA. It’s the best way to introduce you to what we’re doing for the RETA ecosystem and how we’re preparing for the future.

Now, Let us know your questions about the present and future of RETA ecosystem! We will seriously review all your questions and answer in great detail the questions that many commanders have in common.

In particular, answers to all questions will be made by the person in charge who can guarantee them. It will be the most accurate and reliable solution to your question.

This first AMA will be conducted in simple text, but its value will never be simple. You will be greatly inspired by RETA’s long-term vision and plans. Click the button below to participate in AMA. We also have a simple raffle!

AMA Schedule

  • We will collect questions from the form by 23:59 UTC on March 5th.

  • The Core Team’s answer article will be posted on March 7th.

  • Raffle: Retweet our tweet about this announcement! There will be a surprise airdrop 100 RETA for 5 people.