Notice: Our February Roadmap

January 28, 2022

Hello, Commander!

As we head into February, when the project truly shines, we have some news for commanders. This is a detailed roadmap of what we are going to show you during February. Be aware of what we’re announcing now. It will be an excellent opportunity for some.

Yes, these are all going to happen in order during February.

1. Official teaser video

A video showing the concept and worldview of Reta Wars is being completed. And we are making various marketing arrangements so that more people can see the Reta Wars teaser video.

2. Holder reward

Realitalⓒ plans to present a reward of appreciation to holders who believe in and invest in our project. So, We plan to provide holders with in-game currency “RWG” to give you a better start when Reta Wars’ Play and P2E systems are unveiled. RWG is needed to level up heroes and upgrade buildings in the territory.

Compensation will be paid in proportion to the amount of NFT and RETA(include LP) held by the Commander. The timing of the snapshot will be communicated through a separate announcement.

3. Marketplace 1.0

We have heard the voices of commanders who want to trade NFTs. Marketplace development is now complete, and we are in the alpha testing phase. The initial marketplace will support the trading of NFTs via RETA.
We will continue to add features such as detailed Stats/Skills filtering and NFT island auction through repeated updates.

4. The ‘Seollal Holidays’

Since last November, Reta Team has been sleeping for an average of 4 hours a day, including weekends, to prepare for the game. Finally, we are ready to deliver some exciting news to the commanders.

We want to take a short break this holiday ahead of the release of game content, which will begin in earnest in February. It has to do with ‘Seollal’, Korean New Year’s Day.

On Seollal, most Koreans go to their hometown to spend time with their families. All of our developers are planning to resume work from February 2nd after meeting their families and having time to recharge.

Then, after a short break, please watch our progress, which will start in earnest in February.
We will end the announcement with seasonal greetings in Korean. “새해 복 많이 받으세요!”