2nd Presale: Whitelist – (March 28th 12:00 PM UTC)
From March 28th 12:00 PM UTC – the first schedule, the Whitelist Sale will start.
Whitelist sale Tickets will automatically be credited to the wallets of whitelisted commanders. You can check it out on the sale page. These tickets are issued in sets of 4 each. Therefore, the number of NFTs a wallet can purchase is limited to a maximum of 4 NFTs.
Commanders can use whitelist sale tickets to get a random NFT Hero for 150BUSD. And this ticket is automatically deducted by 1 for every NFT purchase.
The whitelist sale ends when the public sale begins. Whitelist tickets not used by this time will be deleted. And unsold NFTs are added to the public sale.

2nd Presale: Public – (March 30th 12:00 PM UTC)
The public sale starts with 500 NFT + unsold on the whitelist sale.
Any commander can purchase a random NFT Hero for 250BUSD without any restrictions. This means that we do not ask for anything related to the ticket to purchase. However, there are not many prepared numbers, so the purchase may be competitive. Finally, all NFTs not sold in the public sale will be burned after a certain period of time.