As a member of HighLord, you will use your skills and expertise to fulfill the team’s mission. A typical example is to inform new communities and potential users about the latest developments in Reta Wars through social media.

Most importantly, build your ‘Council’. The Council is a group of new users who will be playing Reta Wars through your introduction. You have the power to represent your Council and must help its users achieve a better gameplay experience.

  1. Can experience our new updates first and provide feedback.
  2. Reta Wars updates and event content must be created and shared on social media.
  3. Create memes, GIFs or stickers for Reta Wars and share them on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.
  4. Translate the announcement into the local language and share it with the local community.
  5. Attend events announced at RetaWars and connect with new members.
  6. Inform community members about our vision, updates and events.
  7. Gather feedback from the community and share it with the core team.
  8. Build a Faction Community, a group of gamers to follow. And have to help the Commanders in the Council achieve better gameplay outcomes. The Community’s growth will be the strongest reward ground for HighLord.