GRT is a community token used in Reta Wars; it is used to level up heroes and upgrade buildings. While the demand for GRT is very high in the early days of a game release, how it can be obtained are very limited. So, we plan to airdrop GRT, a game community token, to protect users from sudden price fluctuations in the early game and to help them settle more stable in the early game.

By default, 40 GRT is airdropped for each 1st Presale NFT owned by the commander. However, commanders with more than 20 primary NFTs will receive more powerful additional benefits.

– 5 or more 1st NFTs: +5% Bonus GRT
– 10 or more 1st NFTs: +10% Bonus GRT
– 20 or more 1st NFTs: +50% Bonus GRT
– 30 or more 1st NFTs: +80% Bonus GRT
– 40 or more 1st NFTs: +90% Bonus GRT
– 50 or more 1st NFTs: +100% Bonus GRT

※ The snapshot timing of the GRT airdrop is also a secret, and it will be held at the same time as the 1st NFT holder reward. Therefore, if you have distributed and stored NFT heroes in multiple wallets, you should start thinking deeply again.

※ The GRT airdrop is performed twice, and this is an explanation of the GRT airdrop given to the 1st sale NFT. We’ll be airdropping GRT to anyone who holds a 2nd sale NFT, but different rules apply to that. We will be announcing the 2nd NFT’s GRT airdrop policy in April.