The key benefits vary depending on the tier of the High Road, but the universal rewards are as follows:

  • HighLord will be given an NFT Hero Minting Ticket. And the scale will be commensurate with HighLord’s performance, contribution, and their Tier.

  • HighLord can participate in private meetings prepared for them, and collaborate with the core team to raise Reta Wars awareness.
  • HighLord will have access to news from the Retaverse a bit sooner. This means that HighLord have the exclusive right to process that information and make it available to their local community.
  • When it comes to community building and content creation, if HighLord needs it, the core team is ready to support a number of resources.

  • If you are HighLord, you will be given a mark proving your position on all community channels and games. We have plans to prove it officially.