Pre-sale NFT can be purchased with Binance stableCoin($BUSD).
A total of 10,100 heroes will be distributed during the pre-sale period. 100 heroes will be used as referral rewards, and 10000 heroes will be sold to Pre-sale participant.
The Hero starts with a value of $200 at the start, and the price increases little by little as the remaining quantity decreases. The final price when all stocks are exhausted is $500.
A player can purchase one hero per transaction, And you can have up to 100 heroes.
This is to prevent damage caused by sudden price increases and to give all players an equal chance. The pre-sale can be accessed through the pre-sale page, which will be released on our website on December 26, 2021.

※ The price range from $200 to $500 is only applicable to the pre-sale NFT. After staking ends, NFTs that will be sold from Q1 2022 will have different pricing policies.