The real start of Reta Wars we’ve all been waiting for is coming with the Open Beta.
We will now spread our wings earnestly and prove our worth in the crypto market.

We will take the project to a much higher level in the long run.
And we know that at the heart of it is the community that is convinced of the success of Retaverse.
We want to build a strong community with people who understand the value
of RETA early on and who share the vision.

Apply today as an ambassador for RetaWars.
This is an opportunity prepared just for you.
In this unpredictable market,
your challenge and our cooperation will create the best growth value.

Become Highlord in Retaverse.

 HighLord: The Ambassador Program

Named ‘HighLord’, this ambassador will work with the team and contribute to the growth of the project on a long-term basis. And their efforts will be rewarded with exclusive rewards and privileges. But this is by no means an unfair advantage. Because this privilege requires due attempt, every community will recognize its efforts.

From avid Play-to-Earn Players to Crypto Influencers, anyone who wants to achieve tremendous growth with the Retaverse ecosystem can apply to HighLord. Professionals such as writers, influencers, graphic designers, YouTube editors and more can also apply for this program, bringing the latest news and developments from Reta Wars to the public in an innovative and creative format.

 Privileges offered to HighLord

As a token of appreciation for the efforts and ecosystem contribution required for ambassador activities, the team rewards HighLord with the following benefits:

  • HighLord will be given an NFT Hero Minting Ticket. And the scale will be commensurate with HighLord’s performance and contribution.

  • HighLord can participate in private meetings prepared for them, and collaborate with the core team to raise Reta Wars awareness.
  • HighLord will have access to news from the Retaverse a bit sooner. This means that HighLord have the exclusive right to process that information and make it available to their local community.
  • When it comes to community building and content creation, if HighLord needs it, the core team is ready to support a number of resources.

  • If you are HighLord, you will be given a mark proving your position on all community channels and games. We have plans to prove it officially.

 How do become a HighLord?

Anyone wishing to achieve co-growth based on their passion for cryptocurrencies and the Game-Fi market and further with confidence in the growth and vision of Reta Wars can apply for this position.

In the long term, this opportunity is also open to ambitious people who want to build their own DAO within this ecosystem. However, to gain recognition in the global Game-Fi market, HighLord must have specific skills. So any commander with one of the skills below can always knock on the door to become a HighLord.

  • Streaming or YouTube content creator
  • Community, or Social Media Influencer
  • Translator, writer
  • Blogger
  • Fan Art Illustrator
  • Community moderator
  • DAO or Guild Operator

 What is HighLord’s role?

As a member of HighLord, you will use your skills and expertise to fulfill the team’s mission. A typical example is to inform new communities and potential users about the latest developments in Reta Wars through social media.

Most importantly, build your ‘Council’. The Council is a group of new users who will be playing Reta Wars through your introduction. You have the power to represent your Council and must help its users achieve a better gameplay experience.

  1. Can experience our new updates first and provide feedback.
  2. Reta Wars updates and event content must be created and shared on social media.
  3. Create memes, GIFs or stickers for Reta Wars and share them on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.
  4. Translate the announcement into the local language and share it with the local community.
  5. Attend events announced at RetaWars and connect with new members.
  6. Inform community members about our vision, updates and events.
  7. Gather feedback from the community and share it with the core team.
  8. Build a Council, a group of gamers to follow. And have to help the Commanders in the Council achieve better gameplay outcomes. The Council’s growth will be the strongest reward ground for HighLord.

 Is there a period of activity?

This is not forced labor, so you can quit HighLord at any time.

But if you are confident in the growth of the RETA ecosystem, now is your chance to board the rocket. If you want to grow long-term with us, there will still be a place for you when RETA breaks through Mars. It totally depends on your will and plan.

grow with RETA

The opportunity has already begun.

Build your Council, gather players.
Both you and the player will be rewarded for their performance.
Join the upcoming OBT and prove you are ready.

grow with RETA

The opportunity has already begun.

Build your Council, gather players.
Both you and the player will be rewarded for their performance.
Join the upcoming OBT and prove you are ready.

Get potential users to follow you.
This is the fastest way to prove that you can be the first HighLord.

Get potential users to follow you.
This is the fastest way to prove that you can be the first HighLord.

Contribute to the RETA ecosystem and prove that you are worthy of rewards. The fastest and most complete way is to attract potential Game-Fi players around you. The group of players you attract will now be the Council. You have the right to represent them and must help them play the game actively.

However, this does not mean simply attracting ‘the number of users’. You will be rewarded when the users you attract are recorded as active ‘players’.


  1. If your application is passed, you will be enrolled in a group channel where you can always connect with the core team.
  2. Acquire potential Game-Fi players who want to play with you, and provide us with their wallet address.
  3. We will provide a KYC link to verify you and the members of the Council you created.
  4. Upon completion of the process, we will give you and your council members a test-only NFT ticket. Using this ticket, you will get an OBT-only NFT, which will be deleted at the end of the test.
  5. During OBT, you should make an effort to keep your Council active. Ask us for any materials you need.
  6. We will analyze the play history in close conditions during the test period. It counts all activities that occur in the game, including voting, resource usage, harvesting, and hero placement, to ensure that Council Members are active users. This is to determine if the council members you submit are bots, multi-account, or ‘real players’.
  7. When OBT is over, you and your council members will be asked to participate in a survey.
  8. At the end of the OBT, you will be rewarded in proportion to the size of the Council you created.
  9. Of course, your Council members will also be rewarded.

You will receive NFT minting tickets that you can use in the real game, depending on the number of your Council members.

  • 10 Members: 1 NFT Ticket
  • 30 Members: 2 NFT Tickets
  • 50 Members: 3 NFT Tickets
  • 100 Members: 5 NFT Tickets
  • 300 Members: 10 NFT Tickets

※ If you qualify for NFT rewards, your Council member will also receive 1 NFT Ticket each.

※ If you succeed in proving your worth through this OBT work, you will become a real HighLord after the game opens and share the fruits of your success with us.

 Apply now!

You don’t have to be a huge celebrity right now. What we consider the most important conditions is your will, confidence in RETA, and a desire to challenge for success. We will define HighLord as a partner that will grow together with the RETA ecosystem and eventually succeed.

1. Please fill out and submit the application form linked to the button below.

2. We will carefully review all applications and select a limited number of HighLord candidates for each region. Admitted candidates will be contacted individually and will receive a group invitation message. If you have the skills to deal with social media or communities, you’ll get a huge bonus!

3. All rewards can increase significantly in proportion to your performance. Sometimes, you may receive unexpected incentives. However, this does not imply legal employment. It also does not mean that all rewards are always paid out absolutely and consistently.